StreetXtreme Auto Spa offers detailing for anything that is related to your vehicle. Prices vary depending on the size and condition of your car, and to what extent you want to have things done. Unfortunately because all cars are different and taken care of differently, there cannot be one set price for any service. However consultations with StreetXtreme will always be complimentary and FREE of charge. Here are some packages that we offer and the price it may start at:

What else can StreetXtreme do for you…?

Paint-less Dent Removal-
Any dents that are not through paint, may be massaged back out using special tools, eliminating the need to repaint the whole panel. This saves you money and also helps you preserve the original factory paint. - Starting at $150
Leather/Vinyl Repair-
Cigarette burns, punctures, rips, and even fading in your leather interior can be repair so it looks like new again without having to replace the whole cover. - Starting at $150
Window Tinting

$300 – 2 door vehicles – includes 2 front glass, 2 quarter glass, and rear window.

$360 – 4 door vehicles – includes 2 front glass, 2 rear glass, 2 quarter glass, and rear window.


Please see below for description


Please see below for description

Know the Difference…

Undercoating and Rustproofing is commonly mistaken for the same thing. They are in fact two very different services that Canadians like us would appreciate to have done in the long run. Yes, they both aid in preventing rust, but in different regions of the vehicle and are done with different equipment and liquid concoctions.

Rustproofing is INTERNAL, and is performed with a dripless clear oil spray (think of it like a thicker version of WD-40), which creates a film on bare metal in areas that are not protected by paint. This is achieved by inserting a tube into the holes and seams of all door jams, including hood, trunk, fenders, latches, and even behind weather strips, then coating generously using a 360 degree motion to ensure all areas are covered.

Undercoating is EXTERNAL, and is performed by using a black spray that dries to a rubberized coating which shields the underbody of your car. This assist in protecting the important hoses, pipes, and chassis that are held in this area, from being damaged by the rocks and salt your wheels are propelling onto it. Not only does this help to avoid immediate damage, but can also help to prevent long term corrosion caused by moisture infecting the damaged area.

With the high humidity in our weather, moisture can easily seep into these spaces causing unforgiving damage to the structure. These services are a little price to pay to avoid a fatal disease amongst your beloved form of transportation.

Final price to be communicated and agreed to before commencement of work.
All vehicles that are having bodywork done will receive a complimentary car wash ad wipe down

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