Sell Your Car

Thinking of selling your vehicle, or approaching the end of your lease term? StreetXtreme Auto Gallery can provide an easy, headache free selling process, to ensure you receive top dollar for your vehicle.

Don’t go through the hassle of selling a vehicle privately, from posting ads, dealing with tire kickers, and most importantly, waiting! When selling a vehicle to StreetXtreme, we can write a cheque on the spot, preventing you from playing the waiting game of selling the car yourself. On top of that, there’s no need to have a safety inspection completed, and you don’t have to keep paying your insurance. Simply show up with the car, and we take care of the rest! Even if you’re trading in your vehicle to another dealership, pay a visit to StreetXtreme, and we’ll do our best to beat their offer, and make the process just as seemless!

If you’ve leased a car, and are approaching the end of your term, don’t take the car back to your franchise dealer, come to StreetXtreme to have your vehicle appraised! At the end of a lease term, companies will provide you with a vehicle buyout price. If we see value in the vehicle, we will buy your vehicle from you for more than your buyout price, meaning more money in your pocket, and a hassle-free experience when selling your car. Franchise dealers will often charge fees for damages, or mileage overages. At StreetXtreme, we can either fix these damages for you, or simply buy your car as-is, without you having to worry about extra charges.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Provide us with some information about your vehicle. This includes
    • year
    • make
    • model
    • mileage
    • and some options and features the vehicle has

    Vehicle history also plays a key role. The more information you can provide, the more accurate your quote can be!

  2. Once we have your vehicle information, we can start our research on your vehicle. We conduct lots of market research, and use cutting edge technology and databases to determine pricing for your vehicle.
  3. Upon receiving a quote that you are satisfied with, it’s time to bring your vehicle to StreetXtreme for a physical inspection. Our team of onsite professionals will perform a full inspection, inside and out, as well as mechanical, to evaluate the overall condition of the vehicle. A test drive will also be necessary to check for any issues that may not be present upon mechanical inspection.
  4. Any available vehicle history reports, including a Carfax Verified vehicle history report, will be analyzed for any factors that can impact price.
  5. After the mechanical inspection, test drive, and analysis, and final quote will be produced.
  6. If you are happy with the quote, and ready to sell your vehicle, a bill of sale will be created. Your payment will be issued on the spot, and just like that, the vehicle will be taken off your hands. No waiting, no tire kickers, and no hassle!

If you are ready to make a deal before showing up to StreetXtreme, bringing

  • vehicle ownership
  • all keys
  • a vehicle lien release as proof of repayment (if vehicle is leased or financed)
can greatly speed up the process. We’re here to work with you, allow both parties to benefit.

If you’re interested in selling or returning a vehicle, be sure to consider StreetXtreme before going anywhere else! Our cutting-edge software ensures you get the best value for your trade or lease return, and takes the headache out of selling a vehicle yourself. Quick, easy, and convenient!

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